Saturday, 14 June 2014

Top 5 CPU Demanding Games

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As in previous article Most Demanding Games That Will Make A High End PC To Weep where we talked about overall top demanding games. But here we have a list of CPU demanding games we hope you will like it. Give a glance to it.So the count down begins :

5) Watch Dogs 

Watch Dogs really put pressure on GPUs as well as on CPUs i5 3570k and above can max this awesome game. GTX 780 or R9 280X crossfire GPU are required to max it.


Battlefield 4 puts lot of pressure on CPU rather than GPU it uses all 8 threads to run CPU like GTX 670/HD 7970and above can max it but i5 3570k or FX 8320 required too take full potential of game at max settings.


ARMA III really a game with very vast map draw distance make it more demanding GTX 780/ R9 290X can max it with every think full max. With CPU core i5 4670k or FX 8350 to max it.

2) Company Of Heroes 2 

The game uses full potential of GPUs as well as CPUs. As this game runs better on AMD CPUs so FX 8350 can max it while from intel i7 4770k required to max it. GTX 780Ti or R9 290X OC variants required to max the game

1) Crysis 3 

One of the most massive demanding games as it less demanding then Metro Last Light. But Metro is not as CPU hungry as this killer is. GTX 780Ti or R9 290X overclocked variant required to max the game. When comes to CPU i7 3930k or FX 9390 required to max these games..

Note: The CPUs and GPU mentioned above are required to max games at resolutions upto 2560x1440 and above (Nvidia surround or AMD eye infinity setups) . While 1080p requires lesser horse power. With some very high resolution AA may required to be reduced.

Here is the list try these games and for sure these games will make your CPU to cry.

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