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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Budget Gaming Mouse RIP Enemies In Battlefield/COD

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As we all know if you have top gaming setup you will still need good mouse and keyboard setup but these setups doesn't come in the wallet after spending too much on GPUs and CPUs and cheeky stuff. But here we have something for you. We did some research and from personal experience we found 7 wonderful fast budget mice capable of competing high end expensive mice. Specially when playing Battlefield or COD you will require a mouse with DPI as multi player game goes very fast specially fps where just a click and boom RIP you or your enemy.

7) Razer Abyssus Optical PC Gaming Mouse:

It offers 3500 DPI also very good for claw grip gamers. The shiny Razor logo makes it to look pretty.

6) CM Storm Xornet:

CM Storm Xornet an awesome mouse with 2000 DPI offers very good grip for both left handers and right handers. It's Japanese omoron micor switches for tactile feedback and speed with a life span of atleast 5 million clicks, that's too much clicks. Best for you if you use Shotguns.

5) Azio USB Gaming Mouse (GM2400):

As it is offers good grip and very good for you if you are machine gunner. It offers variable DPI speed 800/1200/1600/2400 with the DPI adjustable button. It have total 6 buttons including mouse wheel the blue LED look gives it a shine for eye candy.

4) Twisted Shot 7 - 3D 7 key:

3D 7 key is innovative mouse with variable DPI of 400/1200/2000/2800. It's big back high DPI provides you edge specially for sniper shooting.


VP X7 have resolution of max 2400 DPI (variable) it offers more than 10 million clicks life time the best thing about this mouse is that it offers cheapest price, as it is cheapest mouse for very low budget plus it high DPI in cheap price made this to rank 3 in our article.

2) A4 Tech 3Xfire Oscar Laser Gaming Mouse:

Well it's my favorite mouse it have variable resolution of whooping 3600 DPI you can change it via adjustable button. The grip which this mouse offers is fantastic. Best for every gunner whether shot gunner or sniper or machine gunner.

1) A4tech Bloody Series (v7):

The gaming beast mouse in best price for true fps experience. This mouse will make the enemies to RIP. A4 Tech claims that it clicks 6 times faster than any other mouse. Good for newbies and for pros RIP enemies. This mouse clearly offers best FPS experience in Battelfield/COD. It grabbed rank 1 in our article.

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