Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Metro Last Light Max settings 4SSAA - R9 280X Crossfire

The most demanding game on earth I should say here we have benchmarked it on a beast setup. As we all know game contains physX but unfortunately here we have turned off physX as we have AMD GPU Crossfire setup to test it with very demanding SSAA (a type of Anti-Aliasing) which makes even very powerful monsterous GPUs like HD 7990 or GTX 690 to cry.

Test Setup:
Intel core i7 3770 stock
8 GB RAM DDR3 1333 MHz
Cooler master 850 Watts PSU
ASUS R9 280X Direct CUII TOP edition Crossfire (multi gpu)
Crucial M4-CT128MSSD3 128GB SSD.


The setting we used is very high for every thing as very high is max settings in game. We turned on super demanding SSAA to 4SSAA which is max. As we are unable to turn on PhysX on AMD GPUs. Rest of every thing cranked to max.

As you can see with 4SSAA the game is giving an average of 50 fps while turning it off 110 fps is average, with lower SSAA i.e: 2SSAA avg fps were 71. 50 fps is very playable.


Now you can see that this ultra demanding game can be maxed out using R9 280X crossfire or if you want PhysX too then GTX 770 SLi is needed atleast. As the game is little unplayable 30ish fps with previous generation SLi and crossfire setups of GTX 680 and HD 7970 respectively using max SSAA and game settings. As HD 7990 and GTX 690 may dip to 30ish fps during heavy scenes. Game run best with multi GPU setup when using max settings also GTX 780Ti is best GPU to handle game with 4SSAA along with advance PhysX 40-45+ fps as an average.

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