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5 Really Bad Ass Guys From Games

There are alot of bad guys in games but here we have a list who are really known to be very bad in whole gaming industry and their attitude reflects evilness and uniqueness.
5. Pagan Min

The game trailer revealed Pagan Min who is really deadly,crazy,ugly and charming. Well it looks like he is the only on the mountains who consider himself as king. And he likes well behave formal suits. and if that not true as a mad man then I don't know what it is. Well we have to wait for it to release to see what is more in this game about this villain. And 1 shocking thing is that he is Gay.
Before it players were thinking what we will see in farcry 4 and I'm one of them. Pagan Min is totally different from far cry 3 villain Vaas who is always abusing but Pagan consider himself as a gentle that doesn't make him abusive.

That is Pagan Min from one of the biggest sequel of upcoming games Far Cry 4.

4. Albert Wesker

He is one of bad guys from games. He always comes with a plan and with shock. Whenever we try to kill him he become something else. Yes you have to admit he is bad ass from Resident Evil 5 by the way he looks week in Resident Evil movie but we are talking about games. And it is in the nature of Resident Evil game series that every evil is bigger, better, stronger and powerful and there is only one week point of him/her.
Wesker is in a shiny heroic suit with a strong evil power with him and he has anger at what he wants and he will do anything to do it.

Now we have to wait for Resident Evil 7 to release to see what comes up. By the way I'm expecting Albert Wesker in 7 are you?

3. Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. No mercy and very deadly. Looks very strong and he is. Although he does not have very violent fatality. When he wins the match in Mortal Kombat 9, 2 girls come and grab his legs. That is symbol he has power on everything. There is always a tournament in Mortal Kombat and Shao Kahn is he leader of it.
Scorpion and Sub-Zero are the famous fighters from Mortal Kombat. Scorpion is always shown as hero and Sub-Zero as villain but in true it is the opposite. Players do not like Shao Kahn much its because players get beat up by him or maybe his personality.

We will see Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat X.

2. Vaas Montenegro
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 is just come as insane as he look like. The game tells us he is unpredictable, Violent and Extremely Dangerous. He never gets a bit scared. he has so much courage at what he does. He kills our player several time but we always show up and shock him.
He is very abusive violent villain and murderer who kills Jason Broody brother in just the starting but Jason always run with his luck.
There is one of the villagers leaders called Citra sister of Vaas who becomes the lover of Jason Broody and that is Insanity.

1. Joker

Whoever is whatever everyone admits that Joker always comes on top in movies and in gaming too.

We get to see him batman arkham asylum with pretty plan to get all the arkham inmates out of their cells and batman never had the idea what he is doing. in Batman Arkham Asylum Batman says to Gordon something like ''He surrendered almost without a fight, I don't like it'' it means that Dark Knight had something in mind but he was not sure of it. And pop he showed up every quickly.
in the ending we thought joker is done but Joker is a Joker. You don't mess with joker.
In Arkham City he is sick but he is not giving up fight very easily. The strange thing about in Arkham series we don't know what is the real name of Joker.

There are more fans of Joker then Batman by the way I'm the biggest fan of Batman.
Joker is one of the weakest person in Batman's villains list but he is the No. 1.

In Arkham Origins we see Batman first meet with Joker and greetings of Batman to Joker was shocking and Joker is always shocking to Batman.

Whatever Everyone likes Joker. He has the true Insanity.

Now wee need to wait to see what we get in the Arkham Knight and who is behind this mask.

However, Joker's best scene in Arkham Series is down below in the picture.

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Happy Gaming And Be The Worm.


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