We, Jay & Prradyut, Game enthusiast started gamingworm.com as a little blog on WordPress with great encouragement from our Clash of Clans community. I created a simple basic interface using WordPress tools some images which were edited by ourself and some knowledge related to HTML, CSS.

After some days passed, we started getting many visitors around 100-200 per day for our blog. Later we created a Facebook page & twitter account for our blog for PR and blog promotion stuff. We advertised our blog, and it started getting 300-500 hits per day.

We remember a day In July where our site had 994 unique visitors. We continued promoting, posting articles, maintaining the blog by ourselves But, later we found out that to make our blog big, we need more people like us who are passionate and devoted towards the interest in Mobile gaming. Later our group friends offered us support and shared our dream of making a No 1 blog related to Android Gaming which is wholly managed by an Indian team.

Hence we decided to have a Team mostly our friends who had immense pleasure for sharing the goodness of Android Gaming. We immediately added a post on the facebook group for enabling passionate people to connect with us. And voila, we had two more members in less than 24 hours. We immediately decided the task allotment for each of the team member including us and everyone in their high spirits contributed for the betterment of gamingworm.com.

Our TEAM focuses only on one point, i.e., Together Everyone Achieve More.Now Gamingworm is booming in the blogosphere with four members. Without our Group friend and Members, this would not be possible. Our Team Aims are To be a No 1 Indian blog related to Android Gaming.

To establish quality standards which no other blogs can compete for. To make every Android device user capable of harnessing 100% functionality from the device.