The Best Clash Of Clans Attack Strategy For Farming

In this guide we’ve put together the best Clash Of Clans attack strategy used by the top players to get as much loot as possible in the shortest amount of time. You’ll learn which troop compositions are best for farming dark elixir, gold and elixir and what troop compositions work the best.

To gain resources quickly and cheaply it’s best to concentrate on a single strategy that you can master and is not too expensive from the view of troop cost each raid. We’ve broken the guide down into sections as follows:

Clash Of Clans Attack Strategy – Ultimate Guide Starts Here

Farming Dead Bases

This is one of the most effective ways to farm but can be time consuming if you are not in the right trophy range.

The basic principle of dead base farming is to search through matches until you find an abandoned base with all it’s collectors full. You can tell a base is dead by taking a closer look at the collectors. Gold mines will have the little trough next to the cart full of gold and the elixir collectors will be full to the top. Quite often you’ll see a lot of gravestones around as other players have attacked them too.

These bases haven’t been played for a while and the owner has left their village collectors without emptying them leaving them full to the brim with loot for you to steal. It’s an easy grab and run tactic. You don’t even have to deploy all your troops to get all the loot so it’s incredibly economic to raid them.

Since the December 2015 update you’ll find it a little harder to get all the loot, if the base has not been dead for long there can be up to 25% in the town hall and you may find some in the clan castle too. That said you’ll still be assured of the majority of the loot so don’t worry too much about this and just dive in.

The Best Trophy Levels To Farm Dead Bases At

Town hall 5 and below – You can farm wherever you like really. Get as high as you can to find the larger loot bonuses from town hall levels above yours.

Town hall 6 and 7 – 1200 – 1500 trophy level

Town Hall 8 – 1500 – 1700 trophy level

Town Hall 9 – 1800 – 2000 trophy level

Town hall 10 and 11 – 2000 – 2200 trophy level

Best Troop Composition

For dead base farming you will be best to utilize BARCH (barbarians and archers) as that will make sure you are able to grab all the collectors. Typically you’ll be using half barbs and half archers but a little more or less of one is no problem. Often people just put two barracks onto training archers and two onto barbs (assuming you have 4!) and you’ll end up with slightly more barbs as they train quicker. It’s no problem though, whatever works for you.

Troop Deployment Strategy

To attack dead bases you simply need to concentrate on two sides at a time or even one side if you like. Just drop a wave of barbarians along one/two sides of the base and then immediately follow up with a wave of archers. Use 25% of your troops on each side of the base. The barbarians will attack the collectors and keep the defenses busy while the archers come in behind them and take free shots at the collectors too. Repeat on all sides of the base until you’ve got all the collectors.


  • Really cheap troops
  • Fast to train the troops so you can raid often
  • Loot rewards are extremely high and almost guaranteed
  • No spells needed
  • No heroes needed
  • Usually gets you 50% at least so you don’t drop trophies.


  • Can take ages to find a base if at the wrong trophy level
  • Can get a little tedious
  • If at the wrong trophy level you can spend A LOT of gold trying to find a dead base. Stick below 2200 even when at TH10 and TH11.

Farming Live Bases For Elixir Or Gold

Upgrading those defenses and troops takes a long time and a LOT of resources. Farming is an essential part of this and a skill that every clasher has to master to progress through the game. Farming is all about finding the right bases for the troop composition you have ready to battle. We’re going to take a look at a few of the most successful strategies for farming gold and elixir and the troop compositions that you should be using.

As a rule when farming you want to find bases that are weak against the army you are using and have plenty of loot. 200,000 of both gold and elixir is a good target for TH9 and below and a little higher for the TH10+ players.

1. B.A.R.C.H. (Barbariand And Archers)

We touched on BARCH in the section above and it’s a heavily used farming strategy on live bases too. The strategy is often used in conjunction with a few wall breakers to get through the outer wall(s) but works well on it’s own against weak to medium strength bases.

Troop Composition

  • 50% barbarians
  • 50% archers
  • 2-4 wall breakers (optional)

Bases To Target

The BARCH strategy is strongest against bases with weak walls and low strength splash damage so look for bases with poorly upgraded mortars and wizard towers. DO NOT try and take on bases with either of those maxed out or nearing max level.

When looking for a good base a good rule is to have wizard towers at level 4 or 5 and the same for mortars ideally. Look for walls that are no higher than level 6 or 7 at most (purple walls) so your troops can get through them relatively quickly.

Another good tip for the BARCH strategy is to look for bases that are fairly open in design. Lots of compartments will hold up your troops and allow the splash damage defenses to take them out very quickly.

Deployment Strategy

barch attack strategy

When deploying a BARCH attack against a live base you should concentrate on one side of the base only. Possibly two if there are really weak defenses or all the mortars and wizard towers are positioned to the inside of the base. Concentrating your attack on one side will ensure you penetrate deep into the base.

Try to choose the weakest side of the base to start with, look for any splash damage troops that are upgrading and concentrate the attack on that side. If nothing is upgrading then pick the weakest side which will be the one with the lowest powered defenses. It’s not uncommon on TH8 attacks especially and some TH9 attacks to get to the center of the base with a BARCH attack and it stands to reason that you need to be attacking a side that has the highest number of storages. We’re here for loot don’t forget!

Drop your troops in waves and don’t drop them all at once. Always drop a wave of barbarians and then follow up immediately with a wave of archers. Most people like to drop in 4 waves. Assuming you have maxed out camps and 220 troops you’ll drop 30 barbs followed by 30 archers. Then repeat every couple of seconds until you’ve dropped them all. Practice and experiment with timings and you’ll be a master of BARCH in no time as it’s the easiest strategy to farm with.

2. B.A.M. (Barbarians, Archers AND MINIONS)

This strategy is similar to BARCH but we’re adding in some minions. There are two reasons minions are great with a BARCH army. Firstly the training time is a lot quicker as we’re using more barracks to train our troops which means we can get a lot more attacks done in a shorter space of time. Secondly it’s really strong against bases with weak air defenses and wizard towers. If you can be a little more patient when searching for villages to attack and find those weak air ones you’ll do amazingly well with this strategy.

Troop Composition

  • 35% barbarians
  • 35% archers
  • 30% minions

Bases To Target

We’re not going to worry quite as much about wall levels here but the level of defenses still plays a big part in our base selection. Depending on the level of your minions (usually quite low for TH8 and below) you’re not going to last too long in the air. So our priorities when selecting bases for this attack strategy is going to be weak air defense and wizard towers.

Bases that have wizard towers and air defenses in the outer areas of the base are particularly good targets for this strategy as the barbarians and archers can get in and take out these to make way for the minions. Always look for bases with air or wizard towers on the upgrade so they are weaker against our minion waves if possible.

If you are attacking a TH9 or higher base we’re going to be targeting ONLY those with X-Bows pointed to the ground. X-Bows are a minions worst enemy (apart from inferno towers) and it’s not an effective strategy if there is even on X-Bow pointing skyward. You have been warned!

Deployment Strategy

Attack on one side of the base again and make it the side that has the weakest air defense if possible. Make sure there are at least 2-4 storages in easy reach of our minions when we’ve taken care of the defenses. Let your barbarians and archers go in first and concentrate on dropping 2 fairly good sized waves or 4 smaller ones if there is a lot of splash damage concentrated in the area. When you have penetrated the base and have the first wizard towers and air defenses down then you can drop a handful of minions to follow up. ONLY drop 5 or so initially to check for air mines as the last thing you want is an open road to the loot and to get your entire minion army taken out with an air bomb.

This video shows it in action but he uses lightening rather than taking out the air defenses and wizards with barch. Works well but costs more elixir per raid.

Farming Live Bases For Dark Elixir

Dark elixir farming is probably the easiest thing to do but so many people struggle with it. The key to farming dark elixir is the placement of the DE (dark elixir) storage itself. What we want to do is attack often for small to medium sized rewards (800 or so DE available) and not concentrate on just getting those huge 2,000+ hauls which is where most people go wrong. There’s a reason they have over 2,000 available to be raided you know! It’s a hard base.

The Best Trophy Levels To Farm Dark Elixir

Farming for DE is more effective at slightly higher levels than you would normally farm gold and elixir at. The reason for this is we’re looking to target TH9’s as much as possible or TH10’s that have been rushed and don’t have strong defenses. Around 1800 trophies and up to around 2200 is the optimal range for any TH9 or lower player to farm DE and often you will find TH10 and TH11 players in this range too when DE farming. The main reason for this is there is a larger concentration of players at those levels pushing for trophies around the TH9 level. These players are often highly fueled on dark elixir as they are pushing with dark troops or they are farming heavily themselves to get their heroes upgraded.

Bases To Target

It sounds obvious when you read it but we’re going to target bases with the DE storage close to the outer areas of the village. Most bases have a structure of rings of walls and as long as the DE storage is not in the inner ring it’s target base for us. If we only need to get through one wall to reach the storage it’s a definite win but if it’s just behind the second wall it’s just as easy for us to reach with archers or minions.

Here’s a few example bases with easy to reach dark elixir storage that can be taken very easily. As you can see they have plenty of loot available and are not un-common base designs or hard to breach wall layouts.

The Best Troop Compositions For Farming Dark Elixir

When it comes to dark elixir farming there are two main strategies that work well at all base levels. It’s not really too relevant what level your troops are as long as you are farming in the right trophy levels. Whatever troop composition you choose it needs to be modified to include wall breakers as they will be the key for getting our troops through the base and into the area of the DE storage.

B.A.M (Barbarians, Archers And Minons) + a few wall breakers

We covered the strategy for BAM attacks a little earlier in the guide so read through that to get an overall understanding before you read on here. We’re going to modify the BAM strategy slightly by using some wall breakers. Our army composition will remain the same but we’ll substitute some of our barbarians for wall breakers to get through those outer walls. Typically 6 will be enough but a lot of people like to take 8 with them to make sure.

Another variation on this is to use a single jump spell if you have them instead of wall breakers. As we’re farming DE here it’s not really a problem to spend another 30,000 elixir on a spell or two.

The basic strategy is to attack on one side of the base and to make sure it’s the side closest to the DE storage. lay down around 1/3rd of your barbarians and archers along that wall to clear any outer structures. As they are destroyed drop all your wall breakers in one place directly in line with the DE storage. Drop them in groups of 4 if using 8 just in case you hit a giant bomb or a badly timed mortar rains down on them as they get to the wall. As soon as the outer wall is breached let loose with your entire army. Barbarians first, then archers and followed by the minions.

As the outer wall is breached in front of the DE storage the whole army will be concentrated and overwhelming the defenses to push through to the storage and take it out. It’s important that you drop your troops quickly so they rush the base and we’re using the sheer force of numbers here to penetrate into the base and get to that storage.

If you have heroes leave them in your armory for the first half of the attack and see how it goes. If you think it’s starting to get tricky drop them both as close to the wall breach as you can and let them clean up after the army if necessary. Having heroes in reserve for this attack strategy is always good but not necessary the majority of the time.

Check out Ash in this marathon video where he BAMs dark elixir farming for 2 hours gaining 21,000 dark elixir!

B.A.R.C.H. Breaker

This strategy is again a variation on the other main farming strategy of BARCH. It’s only difference is the introduction of wall breakers, lots of wall breakers. Most people using this strategy take 16 wall breakers with them and substitute some barbarians. It relies also on having fairly high level troops (recommended level 6 or 7 BARCH) to be really effective but it’s been done many times with lower level troops. It all depends on how high the defenses are you are attaching against.

The introduction of spells for the first time here makes this strategy really effective. We’re going to be using a heal spell or two for our front line troops so they last long enough to take out the defenses further into the base.

The attack happens in a similar way to the BAM attack strategy so we’re going to first take out the outside structures along the wall we’ll be attacking. For this strategy it’s OK for the DE storage to be a little deeper in the base as we’re going to heal our troops as they get further in. Once the outer structures are down drop a couple of wall breakers to get through the outer wall. Then as before drop the main attack force in bulk starting with your barbarians and a big bunch of archers followed by the rest of the wall breakers.

Just as the barbarians are getting hit approaching the next wall drop your heal spell on them and watch as the archers group up behind them under the heal and tear through the base. The wall breakers will be opening up all the walls ahead and your troops will just push on through the base to the DE storage.

It takes a few attempts with this strategy to get your timings right as the wall breakers really need to make it to the inner walls to be effective but healing barbarians are pretty much a match for any non-maxed out defense. Especially when there are 50 of them knocking on the walls!

If needed drop those heroes in behind all the troops and you’ll clean up most of the time.

Other Dark Elixir Farming Strategies

We’ve concentrated mostly on cheap fast strategies for farming dark elixir up to this point. The reason for this is we want to farm as quickly as possible to maximize the amount we can farm per hour or per day. There are other farming strategies that are as effective but not preferred as they take a lot longer to train armies for and cost a lot more in troop costs. We thought we would share our favorite however for those that want to mix up their strategies for farming dark elixir to avoid the inevitable farming boredom factor! It’s also important to have stronger DE farming strategies for those at higher town hall levels or those at higher trophy levels.

We won’t go into the details of the strategy too much but give you a brief overview. There are tons of videos on You Tube if you want to learn more.


One of the favorite DE farming strategies for higher level players as it’s pretty much guaranteed to get at least 1/3rd of the way into any base if not further. Balloonian concentrates on balloons and minions and uses rage spells to speed up and power up the balloons as they move through the base. This strategy is also a heavily used trophy pushing strategy but if you choose the right base design it’s a killer DE farming strategy too.

The key as always is to look for bases with an easy to get to DE storage. We’re not worried about trophies or anything else at the moment so just look for the DE storages that are toward the outer walls of a base. Drop all your balloons (usually around 20-26 in most army compositions) in a row on the wall nearest the DE storage and as they hover over the first wall rage them up in two places so as many as possible accelerate and destroy defenses. As they are over the wall too drop all your minions (as many as you have in your army composition) behind them and watch them mop up.

All being well you will have got your balloons over the DE storage and your minions will come in behind and take it out. You have another couple of rage spells to use with your balloons as you move through the base so use them as you see fit and if you are a TH10 or 11 you’ll have a freeze too in case you are attacking against inferno towers. There are plenty of high DE loot TH9’s out there though at the 2000-2200 level for everyone so just concentrate your attacks on those and you don’t need to freeze anything!

Molt has a great video of Dark Elixir farming with Balloonian

The Secret to Update Farming

This is a closely guarded secret and we’re only telling you this because we trust you. You won’t tell anyone else will you, promise…

Well it might not be that big a secret but if you don’t know about this then you’re in for a big treat. Update farming is basically attacking for bases after Supercell has released an update for Clash Of Clans. You can find out when updates are planned on Supercells forum or Facebook page and if you pleay often you’ll knwo when they are due.

How To Farm Following An Update

When Supercell releases an update a lot of things tend to get reset including your replays and other behind the schenes statistical data. Whether this is an anomoly or an easter egg from Supercell is open to debate but directly after and update is released and you are allowed back into the game you’ll find all the dead bases get pushed to the top of the pile somehow.

When you get the maintenance break screen and countdown you’ll need to keep on top of the timer and make sure you get into the game as soon as possible when the maintenance break is over. Jump straight into a multiplayer battle (we recommend getting your BARCH army trained) and look for bases to attack. Within 1 or 2 searches you’ll find a dead base with a ton of loot available. Quickly raid the base for the outside collectors and then return to base. Cook a new army and either gem it if you have some spare gems of speed up your barracks so your troops train quickly and get back out there.

Almost every search for the next 15 minutes or so will turn up dead bases with huge loot available and if you are gemming your army every time you attack you can easily gain 2-3 million in resources of both gold AND elixir as well as a ton of dark elixir.

Don’t believe us? WATCH THIS VIDEO

Take a look at this You Tube video and see how much he gets in just 10 minutes. We do it all the time.

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