Clash Of Clans Strategy The Ultimate Guide

This ultimate Clash Of Clans strategy guide has been put together to offer players a complete overview of the main strategies which will help you become a better Clash Of Clans player, earn more loot and trophies with each attack and get an overall more enjoyable experience from the no.1 game on mobiles of all time.

At the end of this Clash Of Clans strategy guide youll have picked up tips and tactics used by the top players in clash and the knowledge that will help you get to where you want to be faster and by using less resources.

Weve broken the guide down into sections covering the most important areas you need to know.

Overall Clash Of Clans Strategy And Tips

If you are just starting out in Clash of Clans or have been playing a little while this section will give you the top tips and overall playing strategy that will help you become a better player. So lets take a look at overall strategy which isnt affected by the town hall level you are on.

Slowly Upgrade Your Town Hall


The number one mistake new players to Clash of Clans make is upgrading their town hall too early. Veteran Clashers call them rushed town halls and youll see plenty of the as you move up through the leagues. Town hall 10s with level 2 walls and level 3 defenses scattered all over the place!

If you take any single piece of advice from this guide let it be this:


There are three main reasons for this which will make the game A LOT harder for you as you progress to level 8 town hall or higher. Well cover them in detail in a moment but if you are below a TH 8 and reading this or have just got to TH8 then STOP UPGRADING IMMEDIATELY! Get every defense, troop, spell, hero and wall to the top level you are allowed.

  1. Attacking will become a LOT harder soon
    As you win more trophies and move higher up the leagues you are going to come across mostly maxed out and powerful bases. Attacking these for loot or trophies is going to be very tough if you have low level troops. Maxing out your troops will mean you can compete and take down bases of the same town hall level as you. Theres nothing worse than being a low powered TH8 and coming up against nothing but maxed out TH9s when your trophy pushing to get as high as you can. Those level 3 giants just are not going to cut it against level 8 mortars and archer towers!
  2. Defending will also become a LOT harder
    Defensive buildings and walls are youre only line of defence when it comes to protecting your loot. If you move up in trophies to find those juicy big bases with all the big loot youre going to need to protect it when you get it. As a TH9 and TH10 when you see a rushed base in your league its easy pickings. Unless you upgrade those defensive buildings youre going to get very heavily raided the higher you go so concentrate on maxing it all out.
  3. The loot you win will be smaller as you progress
    When you attack a loot multiplier comes into effect which means you get less loot for attacking lower level bases. So if youve rushed up to a TH10 within a few months youre defenses and troops are still going to be low level. All TH8 and below bases you come across will offer significantly less loot than if you were at their level so you just made winning loot A WHOLE LOT HARDER for yourself.

The majority of people who give up clashing are doing it because they rushed their town hall so be warned. If you want to enjoy the game progress through it at a leisurly pace!

Choose a Strategy & Create A Great Base For It

Are you farming or trophy pushing?

You need to decide on one or the other and get your base laid out accordingly. People talk about hybrid base designs which are good for farming and trophy pushing but experienced players will tell you that theres really no such thing. You either want to protect that town hall or protect those resources!

goblinThis is where you setup your base to best protect your storages and you go out looking for the big loot bases to attack. It doesnt really matter whether you win or lose trophies as its the loot thats being focussed on. Youll need to move up and down the trophy ranges until you fins a sweet spot for farming.

Trophy Pushing
trophiesHere were not interested in loot, were after the maximum number of trophies in each raid we can get our hands on. Our base is going to make it hard to get the TH and were ideally wanting to stop raiders getting 50% too for that single star. At higher levels were looking to only lose one star per raid as losing none just doesnt happen very often!

Supercell released an update in 2015 that allowed players to have multiple base layouts stored in the game. Before this it was a major headache when you switched from a farming strategy to a trophy pushing strategy as it took forever to change your base layout.

Create two bases and stick to them depending on whether you are farming for loot or going for those trophies. We wont cover base designs in depth here as there are too many to choose from and its really dependant on your TH level. See our base designs section for some great ideas on farming bases and trophy pushing bases.

Only Use Spells When Necessary

no-spellsSpells cost money and quite a lot of it when you are at higher level town halls. If you are trophy pushing at high levels then you dont have a choice but to use spells. If you are farming however you dont need to use spells at all. There are plenty of dead bases (with full collectors and tons of loot up for grabs outside the walls) and bases with storages placed close to the outside walls. You dont need to penetrate bases with jump spells or lighning the mortars each time you attack.

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is charging in with spells on each attack while trying to grab loot. If you spend 80K in elixir to grab 150K youll be farming forever. Choose the battles you can win easily with the minimal outlay. Theres more on farming strategies later in the guide. This brings us nicely onto the next section

Pick The Battles You Can Win

barbarian-cscratching-chinLet that skip button be your best friend. So many people want to dive in and attack but a good player will pick the battles they are sure to win rather than hope they can take a base that looks easy but invariably is not.

Thanks to sites like this and YouTube in particular you will see many bases that use the same design. People come up with new base designs that they claim are unbeatable or are the best at minimising loot loss and most of the time they are NOT. Theres one very good reason for this.

When everyone has the same base people attack it more and find its weaknesses making it in the long run easy to beat all the time. Think about this. If you raided 100 bases that were all different do you think youd win or lose most of the battles? Answer is probably lose because you would not know how your troops will move through each base and you wont know what the best troop composition is or where all the traps are.

Now imaging attacking the same base 100 times. Do you think you would get better at it after the first 5-10 attacks and eventually work out the best troops to use? Of course you would.

Our advise for picking the battles you can win is simple. Attack bases you have beaten and see again or just go fo rthe ones that are leaving it on a plate for you. Youll become a better, less frustrated clasher!

Save Your Gems

gems clash of clansGems, Gems, Gems Oh if only we had an unlimited supply of gems OK now the daydream is over and you DONT have an unlimited supply you need to make sure you safeguard them for later use. The main think youll want to use your gems for is builder huts. Those little builders are going to become very annoying as you move to TH8 and TH9 as you will likely (if you follow this guide) be farming more loot than you can spend. Youre going to need all your builders so just dont spend those gems!

Its very tempting to gem your barracks or collectors but thats not going to help you in the long run. If you can afford to buy gems then great, most people do at some point and there are plenty of people who have spend $1,000s gemming. It is however possible to play the game wihtout spending a dime and plenty of people do this. Once you have all your builders huts then you can gem whatever you like but the huts will help you progress through the game a lot faster at higher levels. If you have 5 huts instead of 3 you will be building at almost double the rate and that will be key to you getting further in the game later.

Focus on Dark Elixir Upgrade Heroes Quickly

Dark_Elixir_StorageOnce you get to TH7 youll be able to get your barbarian king. At TH9 youll get access to the archer queen and then at TH11 (ooohhhh such a long way away!) youll get the grand warden. The king and queen require dark elixir to buy and upgrade so youre going to need plenty of it. As soon as you can get your dark elixir storage (TH7 and above) youll need to upgrade it as its going to start getting very expensive to get those heroes upgraded.

There are plenty of dark elxir farming strategies around and its worth dedicating a few days at a time to doing nothing but DE (dark elixir) farming. Once you have enough to upgrade one of your heroes you can get on with general farming or other resources but focuses DE farming sessions will make your life a lot easier. When farming for DE its a good idea to set yourself a minimum level of trophies and DE that you see. Theres a guide to trophy levels that are good to farm in here.

Just make sure you always have at least one hero upgrading at all times when you are farming. A good farmer doesnt need heroes to farm so just keep them upgrading all the time if possible. Theres another reason right there to make sure you saved those gems for your builders huts! Youll need two for your heroes alone!

Upgrade your highest damage structures first

There is no right or wrong order to upgrade your defenses and buildings in but as a rule you want to upgrade your most powerful ones first.


upgrade mortarWhen choosing what defensive weapons to upgrade think about the ones that will do the most damage to attacking troops at your TH (town hall) level. If you are a level 8 town hall you may well be hit mostly with dragons or hogs. The best defenses for these are splash damage defenses (and air for the dragons) so these should be your priority. In fact at most TH levels splash damage is the most effective use of your resources when it comes to upgrading. So get those wizard towers and mortars done first, then concentrate on the archers and canons later.

Other Structures

upgrade tips for structures in clash of clansWhen it domes to non-defensive structures you just need to upgrade in the order you need them. First however should always be your army camps and barracks if they can be upgraded. The number of troops you can take into battle will make a massive difference to your loot winnings and trophy gains so they will always be your number one building to upgrade.

Once they are done you can move onto the rest. If you cant store enough gold for that next mortar its time to upgrade the gold storages. If you cant upgrade your troops any more then the laboratory is the next thing to do on the list. Collectors should be your lowest priority because youll never earn as much with them as you can by raiding. So many people concentrate on getting the collectors boosted and maxed out. If you raid a base for 200,000 gold it would take your maxed out gold mines at level 12 around 10 hours to get you the same! Its just not worth worrying about. Youll have plenty of time to do those later. Dont worry if you have multiple things to choose from and all seem to be top priority, thats totally normal below a TH8 and you just need to get through them all! Speaking of the laboratory, heres some advice on upgrading those troops

Upgrade The Troops You Use The Most

tips on what to upgrade in clash of clansWhen you are upgrading troops the priority should always be with barbarians and archers as these will be your farming super team. After that its the troops you like to attack with the most or the ones you seem to have the most success with. Once you learn the BARCH strategy or variations of that for farming youll never look back. There simply isnt a faster, more effective or more cost effective way of gaining loot quickly in Clash Of Clans, Period!

At TH8 and below a lot of people use hogs and all dragon attacks so those are good choices to concentrate on as they can be very effective but dont discount those giants either. Until you get the mighty golem into your arsenal youll be relying on the giants as your meat shields for trophy pushing attacks.

The no.1 rule applies here though and that is you dont move onto the next TH level until you have maxed EVERY troop your laboratory allows. Just max them in the order you are using them as the more powerful your troops the easier it is to raid.

Join a helpful clan, and learn from them

join a clanFinally the whole point of Clash Of Clans is the clan itself. Join a clan as early as you can benefit from others knowledge and tactics. Theres no better way to improve your clashing experience than learning from others that have been at your level or are there now going through the same thing that you are. Dont try and setup your own clan and hope others will join, it takes a lot of hard work and time to run and build a good clan. Join one you like the look of and stay there, work your way up the ranks and become a co-leader. Its the best feeling in the world when you get there and can help others with your advice and experience.

So many people give up clashing because they cant find a way to win or are daunted by the amount of time it can take to get to the higher TH levels and max out your base. If you want to max out your TH11 base youre going to be playing for a few years but once youre hooked (and we assume you are already) youll have no problem playing that long. Having friends with you along the way makes it all so much more fun and you can share your attack and defense replays to enhance your own knowledge or just show off how good you are!

You will go through a few clans before you find one you gel with and its all about the people there. The best advice we can give is to pick one in your country and ask what age people are in the clan to get an idea if you are with like-minded people. Adults love adult clans and kids love kids clans. Just make sure you are happy in your clan and keep clashing.