Good Defensive Base Layouts To Use When Farming

Who want’s some good farming base layouts after the December 2015 Clash Of Clans Update? Read on…

Well Supercell certainly went and put a spanner in the works for farmers when they released the December update! Just as technology keeps changing, this time, the shield system is also experiencing a big change. Some wonderful farming strategies that used to work with an exposed Town Hall are just not effective anymore.

In this article we’re going to look at some good town hall setups for those farmers out there and explain a little about the new mechanics of being a Clash Of Clans farmer!

Allowing someone snipe your Town Hall will not yield any reward with a cheap shield any more. As your town hall now has up to 25% of your loot in it you’ll be losing resources, trophies and getting no shield at all. After the December 2015 update, there have been several changes that now force trophy pushers and farmers to keep their town halls inside the walls.

However, it is still possible to have a good defensive base layouts to use when farming. The following are some strategies that will help you cope with the new update.

Inside Town Hall Farming Base Designs

There are various things that have been changed and we just have to adapt to the new changes as farmers. One change that you really need to understand is when you get a shield and when you don’t. A shield is given if the attacker destroys your village during an attack for at least 30% total damage.

To have a proper working farming base, you will have to change some few things. One of the best defensive layouts is to protect your Town Hall because it will be holding a huge amount of your loot. For instance, if you have 2 Elixir storage’s and two gold storage’s, your town hall will hold all the Elixir and 1/3 of your gold. On the other hand, if you have 4 Elixir and Gold Storage your hall will hold 1/5 of your total Gold with 1/4 of your Dark Elixir. After the update, your Town Hall is now worth as much as a Gold Storage, Dark Elixir and Elixir Storage!

After understanding the basic mechanic changes that will force you to use various layouts for farming base design, the following are some of the design strategies that will work for your village.

Farming Base Layout TH7

th7 base layout

Ignore the fact it’s a TH9. It’s only using what you will have as a TH7

Having this defensive strategy will keep your storages and Town Hall safe. Although one or two of your storages might be brought down, the majority of your loot will be well protected.


This is another defensive technique for TH7 with an inside Town Hall. It’s a nice strategy since your Dark Elixir is protected by 3 mortars and the storages are protected by walls slowing an attack and making it hard to get them all.

Farming Base Layouts for TH 8

TH 8 has several layouts that can help you create a strong defence so that you can protect your resources. Although most people argue that the mines and the collector easily become bait, the ability to attack under the shield will help you collect resources very frequently. Here are two good defense designs that will make farming life at TH8 more fun and comfortable.


From the above technique, the Town Hall and the Darker Elixir are well-protected in the core. This defensive strategy makes attackers invest a full army to get to two storages. However, the northern side can be a loop hole if someone decides to put all his force and power, but Giants will be funnelled towards the north to protect it.


If you need to focus on protecting your Dark Elixir inside the core, the following defensive design will not give any weak spot that any outside attacker can focus on.

Farming Base Designs for TH9

Town Hall 9 is stiff and requires you to solve more problems to prevent an attack and serious loot loss. Some of the designs that work well include the following.

The images show a defensive strategy that is built with a TH10 account, but only the TH9 structures are used. Its storages are in different compartments and the Dark Elixir in the core. The second example works like the first but it has a more bulkhead layer with the Elixir storages. A good Elixir situation gives you control to switch around the storage and also focus on farm Gold.



Farming Base Design Layout for TH10

Unlike earlier, the former max level town hall is now a station stop on the way when going to Town Hall 11. You probably spend most time farming at TH10 so it’s crucial you get it right as you’re going to need a LOT of loot! See the example below.


This layout works a treat for TH10’s and it concentrates the attack on the top of the base as most players will go for the town hall. Once that is taken the troops should be heavily depleted as the infernos, xbows and mortars as well as a couple of wizard towers will be laying into the army.

So this update has delivered a lot of change to the shield system, farming in particular and the whole game. However, the main idea is to make more pillaging villages than you lose so farming bases are here to stay, although a little different in design to a few weeks ago. Unlike with the exposed Town Hall strategy, expect to be attacked and also lose more loot than before the update as the armies will be stronger and going for a larger destruction bonus too.

Some Awesome Videos To Inspire Your Designs:


Most of the images for base designs were found on the awesome website. Check them out.