Guide to Luring

Luring is without doubt the first thing you should do in any raid or battle. Luring is the act of purposely triggering the release of the enemy’s clan castle troops. Once you have lured you must destroy the troops with a small portion of your army or “kill squad” before you deploy the main bulk of your army. Most high level bases require luring to 3-star a base. If you don’t lure and deal with the troops early they can make short work of your attack. Watch this video for why you want to lure:

Step by Step

The Trigger

You must place some troops within the clan castle radius to trigger the release of troops. You can find where the radius reaches to when looking at enemy bases simply by clicking on their CC.

It depends on the position of the clan castle in the base as to how hard the lure is and what strategy to take.

If the clan castle can be triggered without having to breach a wall you can use a few low cost troops such as archers or barbarians.  If you have to clear a wall you could use hogs or balloons.

Note: a common mistake made by players is not deploying enough troops to trigger all of the troops in the castle. Some may remain in the castle just to cause you a headache later. It is a good idea to learn how much housing each level of clan castle has so you can add up in your head whether or not there is any left hiding in there:

Level 1:10 housing

Level 2: 15 housing

Level 3: 20 housing

Level 4: 25 housing

Level 5: 30 housing


Once you have all of the troops out of castle you want to destroy them before you do ANYTHING else.

You want to do this strategically to minimise loss of troops on your side and maximize building damage to the enemy.

It is most effective to tie in destruction of the clan castle troops with achieving a specific objective, such as forming a funnel.

Other objectives to consider:

  • Taking out the enemy Archer Queen.
  • Taking out air defences.
  • Destroying the enemy Town Hall.

So the enemy troops are on the loose. You need to pick a strategic building to start attacking so that the troops get drawn away from the rest of base and its defensive structures. One archer is enough to draw troops away, and you don’t want to put so many troops down that they destroy the building before the clan castle troops get there and move closer towards defences such as canons.

Note: Ground troops that cannot attack air troops such as barbarians will not be drawn out by air troops. E.g.  A balloon by itself.

Common mistakes:

  • Using your own clan castle troops to take out the enemies: This is not a good idea because your troops come out individually, allowing them to be picked off easily and they are deployed in the same spot which makes them extremely vulnerable to splash damage.
  • Using heroes by themselves: This is a massive waste of your heroes. Heroes do not fare well here because they can only attack one unit at a  time  and are slow to  attack in comparison to a horde  of enemies.

General tips:

Poison spells can be an effective addition for hunting clan castle troops. Drop one of these  on a maxed dragon and surround  it with 20 archers and it will fall like a ton of  bricks.

I know I said at the start you must lure in every battle but I might have been lying, a little. Sometimes you don’t have to lure to 3-star a base. These can be because:

  • You won’t have enough time
  • You’re army is so powerful you don’t need to. E.g. A mass dragon army.

Bonus: How to lure and destroy a lavahound

I thought I would give you guys this because a lavahound is probably one of the most troublesome clan castle troops to deal with, if you take him out, then the lavapups can prove to be even more of a problem, so here you are:

  • Take one healer and two archers
  • Target a building out of range of defences, lure him to you
  • Don’t take any more or less archers.

The healer heals the archers so they never die, and the lavahound never suffers enough damage to turn into lavapups throughout the whole battle, win, win.

So there you go. Don’t do anything else until you have lured. It’s not as important for a farming army as you may not have the troops available to do so, or you may not want to 3-star, instead opting for a get in, get the loot, get out approach, But for trophies and war, this is a must. Follow the simple steps and you will be just fine.