Hack Clash Of Clans – The Hack Tool Truth [BE WARNED]

There are a number of websites claiming to allow you to hack clash of clans and to get you unlimited resources and gems. We’re not going to link to them as they are scams but if you want to find them just Google. These sites crop up all over the internet regularly and there are countless videos on YouTube promoting them.

We’re going to take a look at these so called Clash of Clans Hack Tools in more detail and see exactly what they do.

Can A Hack Tool Really Exist For Clash Of Clans


Do you really think this is possible, REALLY?

Do you think it’s possible to hack Clash Of Clans? We’ll ask that question again in a minute and see if you’re outlook has changed. First of all let’s think about what a hack is. In it’s most simple form it’s breaking into a website, game or piece of software and changing something so it works differently to the original design. Whether it’s possible to hack clash of clans or not would rely on how the game actually works and what measure Supercell have in place to protect against cheating by hacking the game itself.

Because Clash is an online game and you are playing on Supercells servers they hold a lot of information about how you play and your account. If you were able to hack your game (on your local device) then you can in theory do whatever you like. There are plenty of screenshots and videos showing clash being “supposedly hacked” and 1,000’s of gems being instantly added to peoples accounts. Hacking your phone or tablet while not playing the game is no problem and is easily done by changing a configuration file or two but what happens when you connect to Supercells servers?

Your device is synced with the Supercell servers every time you login to play the game so Supercell know how much gold and elixir you have at any time and importantly how many gems. If they just ignored the fact you logged out with 10 gems and came back with 1,000 do you really think they would just ignore that and say “oh well, we don’t need the money for those gems” and carry on gaming themselves. No, of course not.

Do you really think it’s possible to fool or manipulate the servers of the largest online game of all time by just entering a few bits of information into a website?

Let’s ask that question again.

Do you think it’s possible to hack Clash of Clans?

So What Do These Clash Of Clans Hack Websites Actually Do?

Some hacks you will find online will actually work but only if you are offline and not connected to the Supercell servers. So what’s the point in these hack tools and websites?

hack tools deliver malware

There are a few things the hack tool or cheat websites will do and you don’t really want to get involved with them.

  1. They will ask you to download something to your computer.
    STOP right there and make sure your anti-virus and malware software is up to date. If you really want to download it then go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  2. They will ask for your email address or connect to Facebook.
    If you give any site your email address you are trusting them to not send you SPAM. Do you thin these guys really care about that? Do you?
  3. They will show you loads of ads.
    As you go through the process you’ll probably be pushed through a couple of websites that show ads or force you to watch something. They just earn money from you by being paid while you watch.

If you are really desperate to cheat at Clash of Clans then you should use an app reward system or get a bot. Both of those are covered here.

Watch this video of one of the so called hacks and see what you have to do. View ads, share on Facebook and all sorts of things. Then at the end it shows you a video of their BRAND NEW Clash account getting loaded with gems and resources.

What it DOES NOT SHOW YOU is that when they shut the app and restarted THE WHOLE LOT WAS GONE!

With many sites you’ll be asked to enter information, watch ads or download something to your computer. All of these are wasting your time, possibly harming your PC with a virus or making the site owners money by putting ads in front of you that they get paid to show you.

Now stop trying to hack the game and get yourself online and start clashing!