Spotlight on: The Archer Queen

The biggest, baddest and toughest of all the Clash hero’s is the Archer Queen. She is one hench mamma that you should recruit as soon as you can.

Supercell describes her as:

“an eagle-eyed warrior, whose weapon of choice is a modified X-Bow that few men could dream of wielding. She can attack enemy villages or guard your village.”

The archer queen is a pumped up archer. She’s drunk so much dark elixir she has grown to three times the size of a normal archer and has a cross bow that fires more bolts the higher she levels up.

Let’s take a look at her stats:

Attack type: Ranged (air and ground). 5 tiles.

Town hall level required to unlock: Town hall 9.

Cost: 40000 dark elixir.

Special ability: Royal Cloak: This ability makes the queen temporarily invisible so she cannot be damaged by enemies. It also regenerates some of her health, makes her attacks do more damage and summons some archers to help her. This abilities strength increases every 5 levels.

Levels: The archer queen can be upgraded to level 40. At level 1 she has 725 hit points and at level 40, 1,630.


Like the Barbarian King the Queen never dies, she just has to rest after a battle to get her health back up.

Her crossbow makes her a scary opponent when she descends on your base as like a normal archer she can shoot straight over walls without knocking them down, and can shoot down air troops. It has an impressive range too.

The Queen is immune to Spring traps.


I’m not going to lie, the archer queen is a killing machine, and she doesn’t have many disadvantages, although if I had to think of one it would be that her high hit points make her a massive target for defensive structures in raids. So make sure you give her some protection.



Protect her Majesty

The Queen is a super valuable asset to your army, and because of the long range of her crossbow you don’t have to put her at the forefront of your attacks to make the most of her. Place her behind a shield of cheaper troops, archers, barbarians or even goblins and she will rain down fiery death from behind them.


The queen can shoot over walls and is free so she is the perfect sniping sacrifice. If you need a town hall, air defences or mortars taken out then use her to clear the way for the rest of your army.

Funnelling prep

Funnelling is an advanced clash of clan’s strategy, if you don’t know much about it watch this space. But for the moment you just need to know the queen is perfect for the early stages of a funnel. Clearing strategic buildings out of the way, leaving a path into the core of an enemy base.

Queen walking

This is by far the most popular way to use the Queen at the moment. It is close to being nerfed because it is so powerful. This technique involves using healers and the queen to clear strategic points on an enemy base before you send the rest of your enemy army in. For the ultimate guide on Queen walking check out this video below:

Queen walking can be used in wars, raids and for farming

Picking up the pieces

Like the Barbarian King it’s effective to use the Queen in this role because she is free so you are not wasting troops that you spent valuable elixir on. You can even use the King and Queen together as a clean-up team. Send them in near the end of a battle when the rest of your army has destroyed any defences that would threaten them.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Excuse the corny line, I couldn’t resist. But a powerful technique is to deploy the Archer Queen and the Grand Warden together behind some lower level troops. Her attacking power and his offensive healing is a devastating combination that will become a “True tale of Clash Achievery” soon I’m sure.


The Queen’s crossbow has a scary range and can shoot over walls, because of this I recommend placing her altar inside the walls of your base, right in the core if you can. This means that she provide support to your defensive structures right until the last moment.

That’s all from me clashers, the Queen can do everything, attack, defend, farm, you name it. And she rocks it too, so get yourself an archer queen! Even gem her if you have to, she’s worth it.