Spotlight on: The Barbarian King

Heroes play a big part in clashing. I remember well when I reached town hall 7 and was able to build the Barbarian King, it makes me wonder now how I ever lived without him!

The Barbarian King is the first hero you can get your hands on in clash of clans, he is basically an oversized, angry barbarian who likes nothing more than to have a good raid and grab some loot.

Let’s take a look at his stats.

Cost: 10,000 dark elixir (that’s right, dark elixir, hard to come by I know but you can do it!)

Special Ability:

Iron Fist: Unlocked at Level 5. This ability heals some of the barbarian’s hit points, summons some barbarians to help him and casts a rage spell around him that lasts for ten seconds. Not bad, hey?!

Type of Attack: Ground

Defensive modes: Guard or Sleep.

Levels: The King has 40 levels in total.

At level one he has 1700 hit points and 4453 at level 40!

His healing time increases with each level he is upgraded.

The Barbarian King altar can be built at town hall 7. If you are struggling to get together the loot check out this video:


Like all of the heroes the Barbarian King never dies, after each battle that he loses health in or is destroyed he just goes to sleep until his health is recovered. This regeneration can be sped up with gems.

When combined with barbarians he is a formidable foe.


The king does not have a missile weapon only a sword. This means that he must break down walls or use a jump spell to get over them.

He can only attack one enemy at a time; this makes him vulnerable to attacks from clan castle troops that normally come in swarms as well as skeleton traps.


It’s all about timing.

The iron fist special ability can be devastating if used at the right moment. I like to use it when his hit points drop to about 25% this way he gets a health boost that will give him enough hit points to make a significant difference to the battle. It also means that you don’t risk not using the ability at all because he dies before you can. If you let his hit points get too low and he is getting pummelled by mortars and hidden teslas, believe me the ability won’t help that much.

Attacking strategy

Kings before pheasants

The King is tough and can take a fair amount of damage. So another tactic that ensures he does the most damage possible is to deploy him first, in the thick of the action. It also means that he absorbs a lot of the damage and lets the foot soldiers do the ground work.

Save the best until last

The King is powerful at attacking so a good strategy is to deploy him behind the bulk of your main army so that he is protected and his attacks can hit home like they should.

Or you can save him until the very last moment to mop up any remaining buildings after the enemy defences have been destroyed. Since you havn’t paid elixir for him you aren’t losing out by playing him this late in the game. And at this point he is less likely to get injured so you can use him in your next battle (as soon as you have built more normal troops that is!)

Barbarian horde

The iron fist ability not only affects the King himself but guess what?! Any barbarians within range. Make the most of this by making armies with a high proportion of barbarians and dropping him in the middle!


Since you don’t have to pay any elixir for the King I love to use him for farming. There are many roles you can use him for when farming. You can use him to bash through walls to let your goblins get to the sweet loot or you can use his ability to whip barbarians into a frenzy, making them loot faster. These are just a few options!

Defence strategy.

Serve and Protect

Place the Kings altar next to important structures such as your town hall or loot storages to watch over them.


Place him away from the core of your base, surrounded by traps so he looks like an easy target.

In conclusion, the barbarian is a big, bad, clashing machine. Use him correctly and you will reap the rewards.