TH9 Clan War Attack Series: GoWiWi

Hey Clashers! Welcome back to our series covering the best Clan War attack strategies for Town Hall 9 players.

This is so important, guys and gals, because it can make all the difference in your clan wars. TH8 and lower bases are almost always 3 starred, while they don’t do well against tougher bases. TH10 bases only give up one star, sometimes none at all! So oftentimes the deciding factor is: how many stars can you get at the TH9 level?

Well, with the help of this guide, the answer is: A LOT!

Last time we went over the old stand by, GoWiPe. Be sure and check it out if you haven’t already! Today we’re gonna go over another classic strategy, GoWiWi.

GoWiWi of course stands for Golems, Wizards and Witches. The key to this strategy is using the Golems and an ever-renewing army of Skeletons to soak up damage, while a wave of wizards follows behind them mowing down buildings.

With a little practice, this can be a reliable 3 star attack strategy. But you’ll need to have your Witches upgraded to Level 2, in order for it to work. It really helps if your Golems are level 3 or 4, as well.

Army Composition

  • 2 Golems
  • 5 Witches
  • 12 Wallbreakers
  • 20 Wizards
  • Clan Castle: Golem (preferably max level)
  • Spells: 2 or 3 Heal, 1 or 2 Rage, 1 Poison

Step 1 – Golems

Drop your Golems first, evenly spaced along one side of the base. Wait a few seconds until all the defensive buildings have locked unto them, then…

Step 2 – Funnel

Drop a line of several Wizards behind those Golems, to take out all the exterior buildings and funnel your main force into the core of the base.

Step 3 – 1st Wave of Wall Breakers

Send in 2 or 3 Wall Breakers to bust through the first layer of walls. Be sure and send them between the Golems, if possible, so they’re not blown up by splash damage from the enemy’s Mortars or Wizard Towers. Like this:

coc- gowiwi 1

Step 4 – Send in Those Witches!

Once the first wall is blown open, and your Wizards have created a nice wide funnel, it’s time to send in your Witches and Heroes, and most of your Wizards (hold back 3 or 4 of them for clean up at the end).

Step 5 – Take Out Enemy CC Troops

By now, the enemy’s Clan Castle troops should be coming out, and engaging your incoming Golems. Drop a Poison spell over them to slow ’em down, then drop a Rage spell after that. Your army of enraged Skeletons, Witches and Wizards should make quick work of them!

coc- gowiwi 2

If you see your Witches taking damage, use a Heal spell! It’s too early to lose any – the success of your attack hinges on your ability to keep them alive.

Step 6 – 2nd Wave Of Wall Breakers

As soon as the enemy CC troops have been dealt with, and before that Rage spell expires, send in the rest of your Wall Breakers. Drop them in bunches of 2 or 3, one right after the other. With a horde of Skeletons to distract the defenses, and the Rage spell to speed them up, they should run right up to the interior walls and…

BOOM! You’re in 🙂

Step 7 – The Core

Here is where you’ll use the rest of your spells. The core of the base is where all the strongest defenses are concentrated, and your troops will be taking some heavy damage when they get there. So drop a Heal spell (or two!) to keep them alive. If you brought 2 Rages, use the second one now to help your army take down the enemy’s Teslas and X-Bows as quickly as possible.

Step 8 – Clean Up

If you managed to keep your Witches alive this long, they shouldn’t have any trouble powering through what remains of the base. Send those last few Wizards to help with the clean up – either drop them in the corners, out of harm’s way, or drop them where they can follow behind the Skeletons, and use them as a “meat shield” – or in this case, a bone shield.

Want to see these steps in action? This video by Clash of Clans: War Strategy does a great job of breaking down the basics of a successful GoWiWi attack:

Again, once you’ve mastered the basics of this attack, feel free to tweak it. There are many variations of GoWiWi – I’ve seen some players pull this off with only 3 Witches, and others who will send 6 or 7! Experiment with different Spells and troop compositions, and figure out what works best for you!

Do you have an attack strategy that you’d like us to cover? Tell us in the Comments below. Thanks for reading, and good luck in your next Clan War!