The Eagle Artillery

The town hall 11 update hit the clan world on the 10th December last year and it seems that clashers are still adjusting to the changes now. In addition to town hall 11 and the awesome Grand Warden the update also introduced a new defensive structure: the explosive Eagle Artillery.

The eagle artillery marks targets for destruction with a laser which are then bombarded with fiery death from above. The Eagle artillery is similar to the mortar in that it doesn’t fire very rapidly and it deals splash damage. But it is so much more powerful and unlike a mortar you have to load it with elixir like a crossbow.

Supercell had to adjust the potency of the artillery with an update in January because it was too unbalanced, destroying golems with one volley.

Let’s take a look at the current stats:


Level 1: 8 million gold

Level 2: 10 million gold

Build time:

Level 1: 10 days

Level 2: 14 days

Type of attack:

Ground and air


Entire map

Blind spot: 7 tiles around base


Units with highest hit points

Although the eagle artillery is unique in that it will switch between targets before it has finished destroying one.


The artillery delivers 3 volleys every 10 seconds that cause:

250 damage at level 1.

300 damage at level 2.


When the artillery hits it delivers powerful damage, and not just one shot but 3 every time it fires. The targeting system ensures that troublesome high damage troops can be hurt before they do too much damage.


With 10 seconds between each volley the eagle artillery is one slow re-loader. This gives your attacker time to get close to it, get within its blind spot and take it down. The other problem with this is that fast moving troops may have left the targeted spot before the attack hits home.



Use inferno towers, preferably two, in conjunction with the artillery to cover its blind spot.

There are a number of options when placing your artillery within your base. You can place it deep within your base so that the enemy has to work to get to it. Or, placing the artillery away from your storage and main defences is another option as your enemy has to split their army, reducing its effectiveness. Make sure to concentrate your traps around your artillery or your storage.


There are a number of strategies that can work when attacking town hall 11 bases with the eagle artillery.


Gowiwi can work but it’s important to take more care with golem placement than usual, spread them wide apart to prevent them all being hit in one single artillery attack.

Golem, Hogs or Giants and Wizards.

We recommend using 6 golems with giants/hogs, jump and rage spells. Save your rage for when you get to the core and start bird bashing.

This is a bit over the top (and expensive) but check out General Tony’s 2 star attack using 6 golems below:

Giants and Goblins

Since the December update Goblins are freaking awesome. They are quick, low cost and now they prioritise town halls in attack since they now contain loot. This means that not only do you get loot but a star if you cause enough damage to take the town hall out. A giant and goblin attack can work against eagle artillery because:

  • Giants are tough, but not too expensive so you can take more of them compared to Golems.
  • Goblins are so cheap you can simply take tons of them which should hopefully overpower the artillery and other defences.

Make sure you take healing spells to support the giants.

General tips

Freeze spells can be effective against the artillery, especially in Gowiwi attacks. The timing of these spells is especially crucial. Unleash the spell as the artillery is powering up, just before it fires. This can reset the loading sequence altogether, giving you another ten seconds to leg it!

The Grand Warden was designed to off-set the damage of the artillery in attacks. So use him for it. Strategically deploy him to protect your troops from those nukes from the sky.

Don’t clump your troops too close together. The artillery causes splash damage so you want that splash to be hitting as few troops as possible.

There has been mixed opinion about the eagle artillery, some say it is overpowered, others say it is weak. I believe the artillery is a force to be reckoned with if you use the wrong troop combinations or strategy so be careful out there guys or you may find the pigeon of death a pain in the butt.