The January Update and How to Farm in 2016

So Supercell have hit us with another update in 2016, not as big as town hall 11 but still pretty significant.

Let’s have a look at what’s changed.

The Treasury

The treasury is housed inside your clan castle and keeps some of your loot safe from attackers. It stores elixir, gold and dark elixir. Loot is transferred here from your daily bonus (see below) and clan wars. Attackers can only pillage 3% of the stored loot when attacking, making it a great addition to the game.

Star bonus

Players now get a loot bonus every day if they achieve 5 stars in total from battles. This coupled with the town hall 11 change allowing players to only lose a percentage of their shield if they attack is a great way to encourage players to attack. It also goes some way to balancing the removal of town hall sniping. The amount of loot you get is dependent on the league you are in and its transferred straight to the treasury to keep it safe, how nice of them! At bronze 3 league the bonus is 50,000 elixir and 50,000 gold. At titan it is 360,000 elixir, 360,000 gold and 1,800 dark elixir.

Loot Cart

After you have been attacked a loot cart will be left in your base that you can pick up for no cost and without a builder. The loot contains 20% of the loot stolen by your attacker in the raid. This loot goes straight to your treasury and only one cart will appear at a time.


With the January update and the town hall 11 update there has been a lot of talk in the clash world about farming. Is it dead? We don’t think so but it definitely requires a shift in perspective.

With town hall sniping no longer a viable option, gone are the days of dropping some barch and a load of goblins and walking away smiling. It is not confirmed but it seems pretty clear that Supercell have also been reducing the number of dead bases available to farm. This means that you cannot just hit collectors. The good stuff is always going to be in storage, which will be heavily defended in the centre of the base. And finally, the personal break limit has been reduced which means you can’t play for as long without being forced to take a break, which means you have less time to loot.

You are going to have to build more expensive armies and plan a bit more but farming is still an option.


  • Get a shield as soon as possible.
  • Get as many attacks in as possible before the break timer kicks in, this involves building cheaper armies, but the pay-off is worth it.
  • To prevent losing so much of your hard earned loot, prioritise the safety of storages in your base. It depends on what you are saving for, but this is generally in this order, the first being the most precious: Dark Elixir, Gold, Elixir.


Let’s take a look at few raiding strategies that are working for farming post update.


This is a viable option for farming level 9, 10 and 11 bases.

Clash with Ash recommends

-Take only 1 lavahound, unless you need to farm more dark elixir.

– Spell composition. 2 lightnings, 1 freeze, 1 rage, 2 haste and one earthquake. You can request earthquake or haste from your clan castle. Try to target the second closest air defence to where you are starting your attack. Also try to target an air defence next to an archer tower so you can take down both at once.

Super Queen

Super Queen farming strategy generally involves taking you archer queen, 6-8 healers, barch and some minions. Using the healers to target the queen and keep her alive. Then quitting the game once you have 1 star, allowing her to live another day and fight in the next battle.

Super Queen can still be effective but it needs a few tweaks.

One suggestion can be seen below:

Drop 3-4 healers and use this extra space to bring some giants. Use the giants in conjunction with your Barbarian King. Take on two different sides of the base at once, your Super Queen on one side and the rest on the other. 4 earthquakes can be a powerful supplement to this defence as it really helps to funnel your giants towards the core of the base.

So keep on farming clashers.

How to Funnel

When you first start clashing you can easily win battles and farm successfully by dropping all of your troops in one place or randomly over the map. You don’t have to think about it too much to be successful. But as your town hall level increases that kind of strategy just won’t cut it. There are a number of popular strategies that you can use to win yourself heaps of trophies, loot and wars! Funnelling is one of the most popular and effective.

Funnelling is the art of setting up your attack so that the main bulk of your attack heads straight for strategic objectives, generally in the core of the enemy base. Instead of circling around the edge like idiots.

It’s good to think of a funnel as a straight line that your troops will head down without distraction. The problem with troops that don’t make defence structures their attacking priority is that they will always attack the closest enemy building. A lot of bases are designed so that if you don’t funnel your troops move from one defensive building to the next on the outside, never getting into the core of the base.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about check out this video below:

General tips

  • You need to find a place on the map where you want your runway to start. Army camps are a good place to start a funnel because they take up so much room. This means you don’t have to destroy too much either side of your funnel entrance to make it work.
  • Once you have your entrance point you need to take out buildings either side of it so your troops don’t circle.
  • But not so fast, at a high level of clashing you need to send in units with high hit points first to protect your other troops from powerful defences, giants or golems are ideal for this. If you don’t do this your other troops will be dead before they begin.
  • Wizards are a popular choice for crafting your funny, because they are powerful, work quickly and you can bring quite a few.
  • It’s important to spread your defensive shield out to ensure maximum benefit.
  • Once your runway is clear you can deploy the main bulk of your army, including heroes to march right up the centre and claim the base for their own. Jump spells can be useful to get you to the core. Rage spells and heroe’s abilities are highly effective once inside.

Funnelling Dragons

You may think Dragons are the meanest, nastiest pieces of work in the clan world. Why do I need to use any strategy with them? Unfortunately they will circle bases like the best of them if you don’t funnel when attacking high level bases.

When funnelling all dragon army’s the strategy is similar with a few exceptions. Since dragons are pretty hard you don’t have to protect them with anything. You can just send some dragons in either side of your starting point to prep the funnel. Then when that’s done send in the main bulk of your dragons and heroes along the yellow brick road to the core.

It’s important to funnel dragons because even though they are proper hench any base designer worth their salt will put most of their air defences in the core of their base. The flyers can shrug off archer tower and canon fire, but these defences really cause them a hard time. The longer they are left standing the more trouble you are in.

Dragons don’t need jump spells (obviously!). So take as many rage spells as you can carry.

Combining Luring with Funnelling

When in a war or raid situation it is important to lure the enemy clan castle troops out and destroy them before you start your main attack as a rogue dragon or lava hound can cause havoc to your lines.

There are many ways to lure clan castle troops. Most players put them deep them in their base to make it trickier but it can still be done. My favourite method is to use a hog to get close enough to the castle to entice them out. Then I use 20 archers and a poison spell to take them down.

But more importantly for this article: You can use the lure to help start the funnel. You will have to start attacking a structure to get the clan castle troops to come to you. If you can make this an enemy structure either side of a funnel entrance point. Two birds with one stone!