The Ultimate Clash Of Clans War Guide

Let’s face it. Warring with your clan is awesome. Raiding strangers for loot and trophies is fun but facing up against a rival clan and taking them on with your mates, that’s where it’s at. Whether you haven’t gone to war yet or you are a seasoned pro this guide will help you out.

Let’s start with the basics.

Who can start a war? To start a clan war you must be a leader or co-leader of a clan.

How long does a war last for? A war lasts for two days and has two distinct phases, preparation day and battle day.

How many people take part in clan war? The smallest number of players you can go to war with is 15 and the largest amount is 50. The leader or co-leader chooses from multiples of 5.

Note: You must make sure your war status is set to active (green) on your profile page if you want to war.

Clan wars take a bit of organisation and strategy to be successful at.

Preparation Day

This kind of does what it says on the tin. You and everyone else in your clan get 24 hours to sort yourselves out.

Sort Base

Probably one of the most important parts of preparation day is that you can change the layout of your war base if it isn’t optimized for war. You may have a new layout you want to try out or you may just think that your current layout is great for protection against raids but warring is a little different.

Whatever state your base is in at the end of the 24 hours is your war base so make it count.

It’s time to fill up those clan castles so everyone is protected and ready for war. This can be done on the clan castle war page. It depends on the level of your clan castle as to how much housing it has but general donations in my clan are usually dragons or maxed hogs, although this depends on your strategy, which will discuss next. And don’t forget that spells can also be donated too now.

Plan attack

During preparation day you can look at the rival clan’s bases through the clan wars button. This allows you to work out which enemy you are going to target. Make sure you communicate with your fellow clashers so you don’t plan to attack the same base. Once you have your target you can work out how you are going to beat them. Train your troops accordingly and request what you need from your clan.

Battle Day

During battle day each player in the war has 2 attacks to get as many stars as possible. You cannot attack the same enemy twice but you can attack an enemy someone else in your clan has attacked but failed to get 3 stars to try and get a better score. This means that you have to be smart about who you attack. All the stars are added up and the side with the most wins, simple. You get a loot bonus for winning, and one for losing, but obviously it’s a lot smaller!

There are various strategies to go about when deciding who to attack. My clan uses a popular strategy which is as follows:

  • For your first attack you attack any enemy base your think you can three star, which is at a similar level to you. It must be the same number of you in the war rankings or 1 less or higher.
  • Your second attack uses a strategy known as “bottom up”. Here the lowest ranking player attacks first, followed by the next and the next. This player attacks the lowest enemy base that isn’t three starred. This allows you to clean up the easiest unearned stars in the war. This approach involves your clan to be active during war day and keeping communication channels open.


  • During preparation day don’t worry about protecting elixir collectors and gold mines too much as the resources they collect will not be available to loot in the war.
  • Plan ahead:

Check which players want to war before you start a clan war search.  Speak to each other to find out the progress of each other’s bases. People that have started certain upgrades may not want to be included as their attacking power may be diminished for the way. E.g. they have just started upgrading their archer queen.

Clash on!