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Why You Should Place Traps On The Right Of Your Base

Recently Galadon published a video which was very interesting. Not that Galadons other videos are not interesting of course but this particular Clash Of Clans strategy video was more about player psychology that tactics.

Galadon pointed out that the majority of Clash Of Clans players are right handed (the human race basically) so you are more likely to get raided on the right hand side of your base than the left.

Looking at this in more detail and spending about 20 minutes looking through our own replays and those on YouTube seems to validate this. Check out your own attack replays and you’ll probably notice that most players are attacking the top or bottom right of your more often than now.

Now this isn’t going to make you the best base in the world but it certainly stands to reason that if you put the majority of your traps towards the right of the base you’re more likely to be effective than on the left. Of course if you do get attacked on the left side of your base it’s going to be pretty open but weighting the defenses more to the left will also push more players to attack the less defending right side.

This opens up a few interesting base design ideas which might be good to experiment with.

Take a look at Galadons video about right side attacks below: